HEALTHY Indoor Air Quality with aeros PRO sensor FOR AIR TESTING

Breathing fresh clean air without contaminants such as air particulate matter, toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or mold spores is something we may not think about on a daily basis. Often, we may mis-lead ourselves that the musty odour, new car smell or the fresh paint smell is okay for humans to breathe. We may even appreciate some of the smells as our emotions and our senses associates it to something pleasing or gratifying. Yet, the same odours or smells may actually cause health issues or an allergic reaction. Monitoring with the Aeros Pro Sensor makes it easy and intuitive to monitor and manage your indoor air quality and maintain safe clean air. Nature is the ultimate baseline before the industrial revolution. Very rarely do we encounter such places in our modern world. At best, we have to travel several hours to National Parks just to experience what “fresh air” smells and tastes like. Most modern cities and towns are congested with traffic and factories that can pollute the air. New freeways and highways can often contribute to high levels of vehicular dust, carbon dioxide, chemicals such as xylene and benzene.  There are many indoor air quality sensors on the market and this one stands out just on it’s features alone. These are great for bedrooms, living areas, gyms, public kitchen areas, and much more. They have even tested this in stadiums to monitor droplet dispersion between spectators from a vapour transfer perspective. 


The Aeros Pro Sensor is a sleek minimalistic design that sits on a wall or ceiling. It is energy efficient and has multiple sensors to monitor the indoor environment. 

The Aeros Pro Sensor provides threshold limit values that are defined by world-recognised industry bodies and health-based organizations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centres for Disease Control (CDC). 

The list of criteria pollutants were carefully selected to for optimal monitoring of quality of the air. 

The Aeros Pro Sensor has multiple environmental sensors that can monitor the following:

  1. Temperature
  2. Relative Humidity 
  3. Carbon Dioxide
  4. Particulate Matter of up to 10 micron (PM10)
  5. Particulate Matter of up to 2.5 micron (PM2.5)
  6. Particulate Matter of up to 1.0 micron (PM1.0)
  7. Particulate Matter of up to 0.3 micron (PM0.3)

The Aeros Pro Sensor continuously collects sensor data every second and connects wirelessly to the Cloud to a central Cloud Collection Server to store historical data. For privacy reasons, location ID is not recorded or stored. The only way it may be tracked is via the the labelling of the sensor. Each sensor has a unique ‘monitor ID’ that allows you to distinguish and identify the sensor aside from the sensor label. 

Each sensor gets configured using a smartphone or smart tablet by connecting to it’s unique Wi-Fi access point, before you can configure the sensor to your desired Wi-Fi hotspot. It is usually best practice to connect the sensors to it’s own unique Wi-Fi network and avoid mixing it with a security cameras network or computer network. 

Many indoor air quality sensors may only monitor every minute or every 5 minutes. Some many not even collect and store data. Often, historical data over a period of time may highlight patterns that may not be apparent compared to short-term measurements and short-term exposure to contaminated air. The Aeros Pro Sensor monitors and stores sensor data every second and has ability to store years of data. Data analysis becomes a larger task if you want to delve deeper and there’s no need for any free PC software. Currently there are no subscription fee for cloud storage. The app runs from both an iPhone or Android with a professional display that easily allows notifications to pop up and can be used as a professional monitoring service for a large scale innovative solution. 

The Aeros Pro Sensor is very energy efficient and uses a standard USB cable to connect and power the device. It can even operate from a battery power bank, making it a portable monitor. 

The particulate sensor head and other environmental sensors are all contained inside the housing.  

There are many practical applications for the product:

  • Healthcare based monitoring.
  • Gym 
  • Office
  • Industrial complex
  • Shopping Centres

ADVANCED Monitoring

Aeros has created the Pro Air Testing Sensor – a revolutionary product for monitoring and understanding indoor air quality. The sensor can be installed in your home and will allow you to monitor and understand the quality of the air in your home at all times.

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The Aeros Pro Air Testing Sensor provides the following measurements in real time, recording every second with high accuracy:

Temperature, Relative Humidity, TVOC, CO2, PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, PM0.3.

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Air particles or particulate matter (PM) is a byproduct of all kinds of human activities, including cooking and driving. Short-term exposure to coarse air particles may be linked to increased hospital admissions due to heart & lung problems, as well as premature death. Ultra-fine particles enter the lungs and can be very harmful to individuals who suffer from respiratory issues.

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User-friendly APP 

The app provides you with a user-friendly interface that gives you an overview of the current air quality. It also gives you access to historical data, equipment monitoring, and forecasting. You will immediately receive a notification when value limits are reached.

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Adverse Health Effects from Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can be due to damp odours, fogging rooms, high moisture and relative humidity, staining of walls, chemical smells that doesn’t dissipate. 

Poor indoor air quality can cause:

  • respiratory problems 
  • exacerbate asthma.
  • allergic reactions

Indoor air pollution can occur due to outdoor air sources or indoor activities. 

The possible cause of Poor Indoor Air Quality are:

  • cooking without using the rangehood, which can create particulate matter in the air, as well as increase relative humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours. 
  • living close to a high vehicular traffic area such as freeway, highway, main road, tunnel ventilation stack – these contribute to dust, chemicals, odours, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
  • wood-fire heater – can produce high levels of particulate matter which may contaminate the air
  • bush fires / wildfires
  • Construction / Demolition activities
  • Mould growth / Mold growth – often these are hidden due to water leaks or leaks from failed waterproofing, resulting in mould growth on building materials, Mould can produce mold spores and hyphal fragments which are considered particulate matter which are inhalable and can cause respiratory issues.
  • Fragrances such as perfumes, deodorisers, shampoo, conditioner, dish washing detergent etc. 
  • Fresh paint
  • New furniture
  • Glues and resins in furniture, carpet, building materials

How to Use the Sensor

  1. Select the number of rooms you wish to monitor.
  2. Determine the size of the room. A 5m x 5m x 5m room (25 cubic metre) is sufficient for one Aeros Pro Sensor to monitor the air quality. 
  3. Position the Aeros Pro Sensor in an area where there is foot traffic or air flow but avoid having it too close to windows unless you’re trying to monitor what’s intruding in from the windows. 
  4. The specific location of the sensor can vary according to your preference. Wall placement is ideal when it’s approximately shoulder height (150cm). 
  5. Connect to a power source and plug into a power outlet. Alternatively, use a battery powerbank. 
  6. Connect the sensor to the app and register it. Then label the sensor appropriately.
  7. Configure your notifications on the smartphone app. 
  8. Review each day and each week. 




The Aeros Pro Air Testing Sensor provides real time measurements in Temperature, Humidity, TVOC, CO2, PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, PM0.3. It’s an amazingly accurate indoor air quality sensor that is competitive against my professional quality meters. 



Senri Oiso - Building Biologist at Balanced Building Biology

Senri Oiso

Building Biologist