Aeros App

The user-friendly Aeros app

We have a user-friendly Aeros app. It provides you with information, trends, historical data, equipment information, and a health score.

You’ll get automatic notifications when Aeros sensor and Aeros app detects that you’re going over threshold limits of recommended values for each of the monitored parameters. It will real-time monitor all sensors associated with the account.

Real Time monitoring

Your Aeros App health score is determined by the real time monitored pollutants based on World Health Organisation (WHO) values to keep you healthy.

When you get real time alerts, you can take remediation action. 

SLEEP WITH comfort

With the Aeros app you have access to historical data showing how different pollutants have impacted your sleep and the air quality in your room. This way, you can determine what is most likely impacting your sleep and why it is happening..

Extensive data logging to scale across multiple sensors

The Aeros app allows you to monitor multiple aeros sensors across different rooms or multiple levels of a building.


Apple App Store

aeros app on phone

“A user-friendly interface with quick setup and real-time monitoring”

– Building Biologist


Cloud Data Analysis

You can see your historical data on the cloud data service that is offered with Aeros. This lets you know what has been disrupting your sleep and why it is happening.

aeros app cloud data graph

Aeros Air Sensor data is sent to the Internet Cloud. Raw data can then be exported for scientific data analysis. 

Aeros Raw Data 5min CSV file sample