Aerosol Research

Aerosol research for droplet dispersal from human activity has been used with such devices as the Aerosensor.

Professor Bert Blocken of the Department of the Built Environment, Eindhoven University of Technology, has done aerosol and air flow research in a sports stadium.

This project studied how aerosols were distributed inside stadiums and how this could affect the way in which the corona virus spreads.

The COVID-19 virus supposedly spreads through saliva droplets & aerosols to infect other people via their surfaces. COVID-19 transmission via aerosols could happen for sports participants and spectators in stadiiiums with or without air conditioning. This also has wider implications for indoor fitness gyms and other indoor sports environments.


The Aeros Air Sensor is affordable and accurate for high quality aerosol research.


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The Aeros sensor is quick and easy to configure. Simply power it on, connect to a Wi-Fi network, add the sensor to the app and start monitoring.


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Real-time monitoring of the air quality parameters are uploaded into the Internet Cloud.

Raw data or graphs can be generated from the Online Cloud Interface Service.


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